Life @ home

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Diary

This is my daily routine when I come to hone for any vacation :

Woke up : I woke up at 11 to 11:30am in the morning.
Breakfast : have my breakfast at ~12pm.
Bath : between 2-3pm and then sometime have my lunch but most of the time have nothing and then sleep.
Evening : I woke up again at ~5pm and then watch some TV. After that at ~6pm I get ready for my daily  walkout.
Walkout : my daily walkout terget is ~6km. Most of the time I complete the walkout in satisfied. But some time for some unwanted issue I’ve to abort my daily walkout without reaching the goal.
Night : after finishing my daily walkout I get back to home at ~8:30pm. Then I took rest sometime watch TV lying on the bed and sometime just check Facebook and Twitter on my mobile.
Dinner : I have my dinner before 11pm.
Night walk : I love my night walk too. After having my dinner mostly at 11pm I get ready and go for a short walkout outside. I love this time because there is hardly anyone here and there in this time of the day. In the way back to home after the walkout I took a cup of tea and then come back to room quite sleepy.
Sleep : after coming back to home I straight go to bed and then start reading ebook. My favorite ebook reader is kindle (at the time I’m writing). And then between 2 to 3 am I fell asleep.

Sometime it’s a boring life back to home. But I love to be at home 🙂 .


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