Light Painting With Mobile!

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Photo
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What? This sound unfamiliar ? Yuh, It should have be. Because Its impossible to shoot light painting photograph without some high ended professional Camera with customizable ISO speed. But I shoot some light painting for you guys. And its 100% real. I used my BlackBerry 8900 curve to shoot those pictures.

I know those aren’t the best one but for me those are my master piece. So here is the story and process to paint the light:

  1. Turn off any light source around you. You need to shoot those photo at night for the best effect.
  2. Use low colorful light source. You can use anything and any number of source.
  3. And the Last one, SHAKE YOUR CAMERA WHILE SHOOTING THE PHOTO. Well generally you need to move the light source. But as our Camera’s ISO speed is not to slow so We have to shake our camera in random directions.

AND thats it. Now Enjoy my Light painting ,


Light of question


Nike in Light



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