Fever and Me!

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Diary

Fever is a common term for me. But I was getting ride of it before again I fall. I fall in front of my behavior. Can’t even express my decision boldly. This is only my fault.

When Sohan asked me to go with him, I can refuse him and do so. But after his words I said OK, I’ll go with you. Because He said it was very important. But who knows buying “belt” and sun-glass  is very important job for some people!

after failed with the choice with sun-glass and can’t find a shop form where he(Sohan) must had to bought the “Belt” (What a disgusting choice!), I had to wet in rain. I said him that if I continue like this I would fall on fever. He said no, You would not. So I said. OK, if I would fall on fever then You have to take the responsibility of buying medicine and seeing me regularly and Stayed with him.

But I had to understand most of the people forget what they said. Only called one time and asked about my condition and really where he is! He is going varsity, doing his everyday work and I’m lying in my bed…

But I’m saying again, It’s not his fault. He is my Best friend from Chittagong. It’s my fault. Provably I would do the same and may be did too with him.

So here is the summary::

Always take the decision, And follow it. Never let anyone change your Decision. Only You have regret about it later not anyone else!!


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