what make me social ?

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Diary

Most of my friends think that I’m unsocial. The reason behind this is quite straight. I barely communicate with my friends. So I’ve decided to communicate with them in weakly basic.

If think that this is madness, you are free to think anything about it. Nothing gonna change. This is me and gonna be me after all.

I’m gonna call 2 of my friends every week. Those 2 person may be same in every week or different. That is not in my priority list till now . but this process is quite problematic for me. Because I barely call anyone. So you can imagine that talking in mobile is quite difficult for me. Yep you are right. This process is started to give me some pain. Another problem is mobile balance. With 20TK in my balance I can pass a complete month. But now have to fill up my mobile balance once a week. Sometime twice a week.

With those problem in my pocket I already started the process. Now only god knows how far I can go. And off course you will know about it in time. I am looking forward for my success 🙂

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