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@twitter in #Bangladesh . What’s next?

Posted: June 20, 2011 in @twitter
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Back to 26 Nov 2007, 12:38 am (GMT+6) my first tweet was “Sleeping”. That changed the way I was living. That time, there were a few #Bangladeshi in @twitter. So after twitting some days I thought twitter isn’t going to be popular in #Bangladesh. But after less than two years @twitter is very popular among most of the techi People of Bangladesh. Today I’ll not search the reason behind this, I’m gonna share what I thing about the rapid growth of it.

Facebook, 1 of 10 people of Bangladesh are using it. But twitter? May be some stupid chicks like me,are using twitter 🙂 . But once for a short period, I was a facebook fan boy. Then what make me twitter fan boy? If you look carefully you will see “Twitter – what’s happening? … Facebook- what’s on your mind? … MySpace- where is everyone?” via @soheil12345. I’m not considering MySpace for now.

Now we all are running with the time. There is no time to think what’s on my mind and share with everyone. This is time when we share what’s going on around us. As @dnathe4th said, ” These are wonderful times. I knew serious news in my home town from 3000 miles away before my dad knew 1 mile down the road. Love @twitter“. But in facebook, you are way behind with the on going events.

That’s the main reason behind the growth of @twitter this days in #Bangladesh.

If you have anything to say or add then say it in comments. You can follow me at @ratanparai Thanks 🙂

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Loudtalks is a free push-to-talk client for windows, windows mobile and blackberry. Blackberry client is in beta phase. But works great.

I was searching for a voip solution for my blackberry for few days. IM+ talk has voip with skype but it is not free. Though it has 7 days trail. But after the trail period expire you have to pay 29.95$. But now you can call anyone to PC or mobile for absolutely free. Only cost is data cost. But if you are in wifi-zone then you are free from everything. Talk with 100 friends in a voip room broaden the fun of voip.

More info about loudtalks:

  • GPRS / EDGE / 3G or WiFi
  • Touchscreen-friendly
  • Real-time, low latency
  • Public channels
  • Quick tips

  • Left Convenience Key is used as PTT by default. You can change this in Loudtalks Options.
  • If you are on GSM network you might need to configure your APN in Loudtalks Options > Connection APN in order to make the application connect. APN settings for some mobile operators
    The app uses 110kB of data per minute talking, and 64kB of data per hour when idle.
  • It is a beta so if something doesn’t work please drop us a line at
  • what make me social ?

    Posted: June 9, 2011 in Diary

    Most of my friends think that I’m unsocial. The reason behind this is quite straight. I barely communicate with my friends. So I’ve decided to communicate with them in weakly basic.

    If think that this is madness, you are free to think anything about it. Nothing gonna change. This is me and gonna be me after all.

    I’m gonna call 2 of my friends every week. Those 2 person may be same in every week or different. That is not in my priority list till now . but this process is quite problematic for me. Because I barely call anyone. So you can imagine that talking in mobile is quite difficult for me. Yep you are right. This process is started to give me some pain. Another problem is mobile balance. With 20TK in my balance I can pass a complete month. But now have to fill up my mobile balance once a week. Sometime twice a week.

    With those problem in my pocket I already started the process. Now only god knows how far I can go. And off course you will know about it in time. I am looking forward for my success 🙂

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    light in the dark

    Posted: June 4, 2011 in Photo
    Light in the dark

    Light in the dark

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