A long title for my short post. I can remember when I was little boy most of the people used to ask me whom I love most? Mom or dad? I was confused then and even now. I love them more than anything in the word.

My dad get little time to spend with us. Sometime we don’t  have any talk in one of his busiest day. But he is so close to me that I learn, word is valueless in the world of emotion.



In the other hand my mom is also close to me. She is my best friend till now. I can share everything with her and she share everything with me. If I needed anything I asked her and then she passed  my demand to dad when possible.



I am so much grateful to them that if I bring the whole world under their feet then it won’t be enough to repay their love. LOVE YOU MOM. LOVE YOU DAD.

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Life @ home

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Diary

This is my daily routine when I come to hone for any vacation :

Woke up : I woke up at 11 to 11:30am in the morning.
Breakfast : have my breakfast at ~12pm.
Bath : between 2-3pm and then sometime have my lunch but most of the time have nothing and then sleep.
Evening : I woke up again at ~5pm and then watch some TV. After that at ~6pm I get ready for my daily  walkout.
Walkout : my daily walkout terget is ~6km. Most of the time I complete the walkout in satisfied. But some time for some unwanted issue I’ve to abort my daily walkout without reaching the goal.
Night : after finishing my daily walkout I get back to home at ~8:30pm. Then I took rest sometime watch TV lying on the bed and sometime just check Facebook and Twitter on my mobile.
Dinner : I have my dinner before 11pm.
Night walk : I love my night walk too. After having my dinner mostly at 11pm I get ready and go for a short walkout outside. I love this time because there is hardly anyone here and there in this time of the day. In the way back to home after the walkout I took a cup of tea and then come back to room quite sleepy.
Sleep : after coming back to home I straight go to bed and then start reading ebook. My favorite ebook reader is kindle (at the time I’m writing). And then between 2 to 3 am I fell asleep.

Sometime it’s a boring life back to home. But I love to be at home 🙂 .

Light Painting With Mobile!

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Photo
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What? This sound unfamiliar ? Yuh, It should have be. Because Its impossible to shoot light painting photograph without some high ended professional Camera with customizable ISO speed. But I shoot some light painting for you guys. And its 100% real. I used my BlackBerry 8900 curve to shoot those pictures.

I know those aren’t the best one but for me those are my master piece. So here is the story and process to paint the light:

  1. Turn off any light source around you. You need to shoot those photo at night for the best effect.
  2. Use low colorful light source. You can use anything and any number of source.
  3. And the Last one, SHAKE YOUR CAMERA WHILE SHOOTING THE PHOTO. Well generally you need to move the light source. But as our Camera’s ISO speed is not to slow so We have to shake our camera in random directions.

AND thats it. Now Enjoy my Light painting ,


Light of question


Nike in Light


Movie Review: Super 8

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Movie Review

IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 from 68,833 users Metascore: 72/100
IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1650062/

just Watched Super 8. That was going to be my twitter status. But at the end it ended with nothing. Yuh, I failed to love the movie.  There should be a tons of reason that I shouldn’t watched the movie.

Wast of time. A branch of holy shit. Too weak story line. Like same thing is coming with some new background (like:don’t wanna name it, but it starts with Microsoft Windows). Same old fashioned story line, Nothing new.

While watching the movie I was always right about the next step each and every movie character gonna take.  Nothing makes me to say WOW THAT IS GREAT.

It could have been a better movie but just died like Battle Los Angeles (2011) ! That really really wired.

I love Sci-fi but it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna worship every sci-fi shit. That ridiculous.

Fever and Me!

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Diary

Fever is a common term for me. But I was getting ride of it before again I fall. I fall in front of my behavior. Can’t even express my decision boldly. This is only my fault.

When Sohan asked me to go with him, I can refuse him and do so. But after his words I said OK, I’ll go with you. Because He said it was very important. But who knows buying “belt” and sun-glass  is very important job for some people!

after failed with the choice with sun-glass and can’t find a shop form where he(Sohan) must had to bought the “Belt” (What a disgusting choice!), I had to wet in rain. I said him that if I continue like this I would fall on fever. He said no, You would not. So I said. OK, if I would fall on fever then You have to take the responsibility of buying medicine and seeing me regularly and Stayed with him.

But I had to understand most of the people forget what they said. Only called one time and asked about my condition and really where he is! He is going varsity, doing his everyday work and I’m lying in my bed…

But I’m saying again, It’s not his fault. He is my Best friend from Chittagong. It’s my fault. Provably I would do the same and may be did too with him.

So here is the summary::

Always take the decision, And follow it. Never let anyone change your Decision. Only You have regret about it later not anyone else!!

Day 1

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Diary

Don’t know why I’m writing this. May be I want to share my thoughts or may be I’m too afraid of everything. After watching “Antorjatra”, I asked myself, why? Why I’m so scared of everything. Why I’m here? Why I’m asking myself those questions after everything happened in my life? There is some questions that better left unanswered.

Today I understand how little I know about my father. Today I know that how much I love him. But I can’t understand , Why mom is always trying to hide My Dad’s past from me? Is there anything in his past that Mom afraid to tell me!

After Samyo’s visit, she asked me one question & it seems that she is afraid of something. Something about getting me involved with politics. She asked me indirectly, it means she was afraid of asking the question too. Why mom? Why are you too afraid of me?

As far I know Dad was involved with “Chatro Union” (Union of Student), a left-wing politics of Bangladesh. And that’s all! After and before, only blank. Mom was always protective with us. Don’t involved with any fighting, don’t involved with anything that is not right in the eyes of modern society (its not about right & wrong), never trust anyone etc. But I always failed. Never be the person she always wants. Its not because I am different its because she or my dad was never that kind of person.

There are so many question spinning in my head & I know that some question better left unanswered…

@twitter in #Bangladesh . What’s next?

Posted: June 20, 2011 in @twitter
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Back to 26 Nov 2007, 12:38 am (GMT+6) my first tweet was “Sleeping”. That changed the way I was living. That time, there were a few #Bangladeshi in @twitter. So after twitting some days I thought twitter isn’t going to be popular in #Bangladesh. But after less than two years @twitter is very popular among most of the techi People of Bangladesh. Today I’ll not search the reason behind this, I’m gonna share what I thing about the rapid growth of it.

Facebook, 1 of 10 people of Bangladesh are using it. But twitter? May be some stupid chicks like me,are using twitter 🙂 . But once for a short period, I was a facebook fan boy. Then what make me twitter fan boy? If you look carefully you will see “Twitter – what’s happening? … Facebook- what’s on your mind? … MySpace- where is everyone?” via @soheil12345. I’m not considering MySpace for now.

Now we all are running with the time. There is no time to think what’s on my mind and share with everyone. This is time when we share what’s going on around us. As @dnathe4th said, ” These are wonderful times. I knew serious news in my home town from 3000 miles away before my dad knew 1 mile down the road. Love @twitter“. But in facebook, you are way behind with the on going events.

That’s the main reason behind the growth of @twitter this days in #Bangladesh.

If you have anything to say or add then say it in comments. You can follow me at @ratanparai Thanks 🙂

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